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Kabbalah Kippot

Kabbalah is an aspect of Jewish mysticism. I wouldn't dare to even start talking about the wisdom or the teachings of Kabbalah, the teachings that have their roots in the secrets told to Adam by G-d. Instead, I dedicated this page to the beauty of the Kabbalah Kippot and the ancient city of Zfat aka Safed - the spritual center of Kabbalah.

Kippah in Kabbalah

Kabbalah kippot have their own unique style. Kippah in Kabbalah also has a special meaning. It usually covers the whole head and is often worn under a hat. Kabbalists wear kippah and a hat as a symbol of two levels of the intellect and two levels of fear of G-d.

Kabbalah kippot are always large in size. The best Kaballah kippot are hand crocheted, masterpieces of design the true Work of Art.

You'll also find that most of Kabbalah kippot are woolen. Is it because Zfat is in the North of Israel and the North means     cold :-) ? You won't believe how many Olim from Russia and former Soviet Union mistakenly thought that Northern Israel would be colder than the South, just like Murmansk is so much colder than Kiev, but ... One of the hottest Israeli points is really up north, around the lake Kinneret.

Kabbalah kippot are woolen, perhaps because in the times of the Temple Jerusalem, The High Priest, the Kohain Gadol, also used to wear a woolen kippah.

Zfat - ancient Kabbalah town

We have been to Israel so many times, but made it to Zfat first time only in 2005. The drive from Ramla-Lod in the car borrowed from my Dad was the usual treat - air-conditioner ("mazgan") broke down in the hottest area. But seeing Zfat is worth ever trouble in the world. I will leave it to th thousands of tour guides to talk about the town, I will only talk about the things we loved the most about the place.

Safed(Zfat) candles are unique, there is nothing like them. Those who knows about them will never use anything else for her or his Hannukiya or Shabbat light. Hand made by Orthodox Jewish community, Safed candles are hard to find. If you are in Zfat, make sure that you visit Safed Candles store near the central street, I promise you - you'll love it