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How to buy kippot the right way

People buy 4 million dollars worth of kippot each year in Israel alone. Large kippot, small kippot, kippot for a child, kippot for women - you name it! Whether you know it or don't, there is an amazing, great kippot market place with presence in virtually every country where the Jewish people live. That means that thekippot are everywhere!

How do Jews buy kippot?

First of all we don't always buy kippot. Some are looking for yarmulkes, some for yamakas, other people call it kippahs (or kippas) and there are children in my daughter's class who call it simply "Jewish hat". But regardless of the way people spell kippot, there is a meaning in a color and a shape of every kippa. Needless to say that one can spend a lifetime studying the rules and the variations, but we can try to make a short version right here, on this web page. It goes something like this:

Kippot Large
Large knitted Kippot (kippahs) are the most likely to be your choice if you are a conservative Jew or any Israeli Jew
if you are a Religious Zionist you are probably looking for knitted or crocheted Kippot that are multicolored, Soft, muted browns and blues
if you belong to Haredim community you are likely on the market for black satin or cloth Kippot
Kippa Black
Many young Orthodox Jews in Israel continue to favor small black crocheted Kippot
The students and followers of Kabbalah wear large Kippot that usually cover the whole head.
Very distinct style of Buhari Kippah is of course the preference of expatriates of this unique Asian Jewish Community

As you can guess, the list goes on. You can find the kippot of all styles and colors at our Large Kippa store. We found every single kippah in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem and brought them with us. If you want to get this incredible feeling of being in the world described by Sholom-Aleichem - go to the little store near Tel-Aviv?s market and try to bargain. The drama, the power of conviction and the art of talking with your hands ? you?ll get it there for free. Buying kippot or anything else there is fun, but you need to have the guts to make a bold move of walking out. Don?t worry ? it is part of the game, the store owner will likely be running after you with the expression of the deepest sorrow on his face. At the end you?ll pay the fair price for the merchandise. But if you are not planning to be in Tel-Aviv any time soon ? you can still get these kippot in Large Kippa store. We hand pick every kippah but buy in large quantities and get a great discount, so you?ll get even a better price and nobody will be chasing you down the street. No matter where you get your kippot from - be sure to read our not so serious Yarmulke- Fast Shipping Guide. After all - it is written from the experience!